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Welcome to Gerwin's Home Page

What the smeg are you doing here? Who on earth would want to know who I am? Honestly, you really wouldn't. No, really... Well, if you insist, maybe I should tell you then.

Anyways... For those who didn't know yet, my real-life (Yes, there actually is such a thing) name is Peter Alexander Wouda. I'm currently a student at the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands, where I am attempting to get a degree in Computer Science. My target to do this is by February of 1997. My main motto in life is that a mild amount of insanity is required to survive in this world, therefore I plead guilty when charged with being a loonie.

If you're really masochistic you could try and take a look at my picture, or at this one if you are masochistic, that is. I'm lucky enough to have the cutest boyfriend in the world as well. You can try and visit his homepage and see how lovely he is. Or you could take a look at this picture of us :).

On to some of my favourite hobbies. I spend most of my time on the net, as it seems. The places where I spend most of my time are:

In my occasional visits to Real Life (TM) I do some other stuff, like playing the guitar and spending gross amounts of money on travels to weird places. That's about it for the main things in my life. If you have questions, you can always mail me at

This page is still under construction. Mind the gaps.